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Hello. When I went looking for links, so I can add these, I knew that there would be a lot of links, and other stuff. I got some of these pages through search engines, and others from links. When I got some of these from the search engines, I was cracking up, because some people who have obsessions of Dominique. She is a really good gymnist and all, but most likely, most people will never get to talk to her, but maybe watch her perform. I still rememer when I first seen her. She was trying out, to see if she was going to compete in the Olympics, and she had that accident on the two over head bars. I may not like sports, but Gymnastics happenes to be a sport that I love watching. You just will not find me doing it. I believe in the fact that guys are not made to do splits. Besides, I prefer to ride my bike all over, anyways. Watch for more new links here in the future, and more iteams. Well, hope you found everything.

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