Anna Paquin was born on July 24, 1984, in Winnipeg, Canada. She now lives in Lower Hutt, New Zealand, when she isn't making a movie. She is 15 right now, and will soon be turning 16. She attends an All-girl school in New Zealand, however, when she is in the states making a movie, she has a private tutor to teach her.

She has one sister that is one and a half years older than her, and one brother that is seven years older, making Anna to be the baby of the family. She used to live with both parents, but unfornatly, while in the process of filming "Fly Away Home," her parents separated in a divorce. Anna chose to go with her mother. This seperation was very hard on Anna, but she managed not to show her emotions on the screen, when she was filming. She has many relitives in Winnipeg that she visits every Christmas.

Anna doesn't have a boyfriend, but she doesn't care. She isn't interested in having a boyfriend. She attends an all-girls school now, and says that "It isn't likely that I'll have a boyfriend in the near future." She also says, "Boys make quite good friends - it's difficult to imagine doing something serious with them, such as dating."

She has won an Oscar for her movie playing, but she hides it in her sock drawer in her house. She says that she just wants to be a normal kid, and doesn't want all the fame to go to her head. She wants to stay the same as she always has been even before she got into acting.

She is currently now making the movie "Member of the Wedding." After she is done with this movie, she intends to go back to New Zealand, and finish growing up, like any other normal kid.

In New Zealand:
Double Happy Agency
P.O. Box 9585
Wellington, New Zealand
c/o Gail Cowan

(There is no postal code required)

In Beverly Hills:
Anna Paquin
c/o William Morris Agency
151 El Camino Drive
Beverly Hills, CA

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