Welcome to the arcade. To play these games, please click on the link. It will begin to download into your computer. They are not large files, even after they are unzipped. To unzip them after downloading them, please double click on the file name. Each zipped program has a name that makes sense, such as ballons zipped file name is zip. In the near future, there will be a larger choice of games, as well as online games. If you have any suggestions for Java games, please e-mail the arcade attandent. Be sure to enjoy yourself in the arcade. All games are free!

Ballons This is a simple little game. It's easy to figure out. It's probably the stupidest game ever made, but yet the most addictive game. Many hours have been spent playing it. You'll see what I mean once you play it!

Mario Ever play Mario Brothers 3, where Lugie and Mario compete against each other? That's what this game is, except this is for one player, for your computer.

Battleship This is for all you battleship players. It's a one player game, and you play against a computer, that actually doesn't cheat.

Ultris This is a tetris game. Also, you have a choice of playing Ultris, which you have to match up three of the same color. It works kind of like tetris. You have to play to understand. Can be one or two player. Working with the mouse is much easier.