My name is Abe. I am 19, and I live in Michigan. That is the Michigan State flag. My birthday is October 4, 1979. I hate the idea of getting old. When I had first started making this web site, I was 16 years old. I help out at my church, and one day, I was talking to one of the kids I take care of, and I started telling them something I did 11 years ago. I stopped right in the middle of the sentence, made a face at the idea of 11 years ago. When you tell stories like that, it really makes you feel old. I don't want to grow up! I like being funny, and I tend to pick up some of that from my mom. I also love being creative, and my homepage is one way of expressing my creativness. I also write stories and poems.

I was born in Michigan, but I have not lived here my entire life. When I was 6 years old, we moved to Florida, and we settled down there. In 1992, we survived hurricane Andrew, but, that was simple, comsidering that we did not live in the bad part of it. We lived in Port Charlotte, which is north of Fort Myers, on the west coast, if you look at it on a map. Anyways, we lived through many storms from the ocean. Then at the end of 1995, my parents decided to move back to Michigan, where we are living now.

If you would like a link to your page, just send me an e-mail, asking me to, and I will check over your page, to see if it is ok to put on. Most pages will be put on, so don't worry. As long as it is clean, it is fine. Thanks for reading about me! Hope you write someone soon from my page!! Tell them I said hi!

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Younger pics of me.
These are pics from my past!
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Please take the time to read this. This is a funny story about my life, and how a little kid's mind works!
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This was taken in May 1998, as my senior picture.

This was taken right before I went to Prom, May 1998. The girl is Gina, who lives not too far from me. She was a friend that I worked with.

This was taken two days after Christmas, 1997. That is a new sweat shirt that I had, but I was just trying to get rid of the film so I could develop it.

This was taken in September 1996.

This was taken during a teen activity at my church, in the fall of 1997.

These are all the kids that I helped take care of. This picture was taken in June 1998, right before I left to go to school in Florida. At the end of October, 1998, I came back to Michigan, and the group is now three times the size in the picture.

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