MoonStar 2

MoonStar 2 is a fast-thinking game of skill. Control your colored worm and destroy colored blocks by making horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows of 3 or more. MoonStar 2 features 3 modes: arcade, campaign and custom. Highscores are currently available for the registered version, but aren't guaranteed in the future.

The applet

Java is not enabled: to solve your Java problems, please take a look at the help section of

General information

Thank you for using MoonStar 2. We hope that you will enjoy our product.

You are allowed to use this applet on any site you own, change the HTML parameter configuration and change the pictures.
You are not allowed to alter, decompile or claim ownership of the jar code.

You can remove the embedded "Visit RealApplets" button by registering the applet. You can register the applet for 50$ at our site RealApplets. When you register, the registered jar file is send to you by e-mail attachment within 48 hours. Replace the current jar file with that one and the link back to us and any unregistered messages will disappear. When you register you also benefit of our support and free updates. Registration also allows the use of highscores, but we can not guarantee it in the future. You can also host the highscores servlet on your own servlet-supporting server, in which case they are guaranteed to work in the future.

Installing the game

For a quick install, just upload all picture files, all *.dat files, MoonStar.jar and game.html on your webserver and link to game.html. For a integrated install, upload the same files (except game.html) and copy the APPLET tag out of this html file or game.html completely in your webpage where you want it to display. More information about installing the applet at our help pages.

Configuration information

It is possible to customize the skin and even adjust the language of MoonStar 2. However it is very time-consuming.

To customize the skin: adjust the skin parameters in the index.html file and adjust the jpg files. Registered users can ask me for the png source files of those jpg files.

To adjust the language: adjust each of the tag parameters from English to your language and adjust the jpg files that contain text.

Help pages

For more information on how to install and customize our applets, take a look at our help pages.

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