The goal of this video poker applet is to have an applet that is as flexible as posible. There are several customizations possible:

1. Card backs: You can supply your own cardback design that will appear in the game. Create a .gif file named 'back.gif ' in the codebase directory. The file should be a 71x96 .gif file.

2. Joker design: You can also supply your own joker design. The one that comes with the game is kind of generic(I'm obviously not an artist). Just replace the 'joker.gif' file with your own .gif file. This should also be a 71x96 .gif file. (While 'back.gif' is an optional file, there must be a 'joker.gif' file)

3. Create other video poker games: The files are supplied to run 4 different games: Regular Video Poker, Double Bonus, Joker Wild, and Dueces Wild. The files that define these games are 'game1.html', 'game2.html', game3.html', and 'game4.html'. You can edit these files and create different payoffs and games. Some other possible games are 'Bonus Video Poker', 'Tens or Better', or you can create your own payoffs. Instructions to create the games are in the files themselves.