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This is a girl named Ashely, and she lives in Arizona. She is 14 years old.

This is a friend named Amy. I have talked to her a few times

This is a new friend of mine, off of ICQ. Her name is Becca, and she is 14 years old.

This is Sarah, who was my best friend. She lost internet access a month ago.

This is Jessica.

This is a girl named Bambi, off of ICQ. She's really nice
This is Tigger3, a friend on IRC.

This is my friend, Tweet, off ICQ. She is going to be a singer one day.
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I have tons more friends then this. Some asked me not to put their pictures up, and some don't have pictures. I try and add more when I get them, and have time.

This is Tara. I have talked to her a couple time on IRC.

This is another friend named Amy..I have a few friends named Amy, but I don't remember which Amy this was, but she is from ICQ..I think.

This is my friend Deedle. I talked to her sometimes on ICQ, but I'm hardly online the same time as she is. She is the girl in front.

This is a newer friend, named Sunee. I know her from anothernet, on IRC. She thinks she is ugly, but everyone else disagrees.

This is Lauren. I don't know where I met her from, and I haven't talked to her in a while, but she's really nice.

This is Lita, but I don't really know her that well.

Don't remember who this girl was, I think she's rogue from ICQ.

This is Nina from anothernet.

This is Shannon, and I think I met her on ICQ.

This is Tekno Girl, and I have recently become friends with her on ICQ. She is a very nice person, and treats everyone equally.

These are both Amy, again, from ICQ. She's very very nice, and I'm glad I know her. Don't you think she's pretty?

This is ashley, and I haven't known her that long.

< This is a girl named....well, the pic is Gwen, so I'll call her that. I don't remember her nickname, but I talk to her sometimes..Yea, I just remembered, her nick is Gwen on ICQ.

This is Jenny, from IRC, I think..Ok, so I don't know where I met these ppl, but I do talk to most of them.

This is also a new friend of mine. Both of them are pics of Megan, and she's very very nice.

This is Shannon.

This concludes my photo album for now..I don't remember all their nick names in the chat, but I try to! Bye!