Although you probably want to see a list of prices that I charge to design web sites, you won't find one here. I try to provide websites at a cost that is cheaper than that of professionals, while designing a decent page for you or your company.

The way my pricing works is simple. I let YOU, the customer, pick what you want to pay. In a sense, I work the same way as priceline.com works. If it seems fair, then I'll accept your price. The average site that I design costs anywhere from $200-$800. Compareable in price, these same companies I have designed websites for, recieved quotes from other web designers, reaching the tens of thousands.

I allow my customers to decide what they want to pay for a website, is because by allowing them to choose their price, they know they are getting a fair price. Once a amount is decided, the amount is never increased.

I can also get a GREAT deal for hosting for your domain, and website. For only $9 a month, I can set you up with 50 MB Disk storage, 10GB of monthly bandwidth, live customer support, 5 subdomains, 5 POP e-mail accounts, 5 e-mail forwarding accounts, CGI/Perl Support, and front page enabled. This is only a short list of benefits! Other packages are avaiable. There is a $25 set-up fee per domain.