I just wanted to make a page for my friend, Sarah. I've known her over 2 years. She is a wonderful friend to me, and I like her as a very good friend. She is a christian, like most of my friends, but I seem to get along the best with Sarah. I am very honest with her, and she knows many things about me, and I know a lot about her, too. I am honest with everyone, but I do not hide a single thing from her, and I am sure that she hides nothing from me, either. We write through regual mail. She was raised in a christian family. Sarah does like having pen pals, but if you would like to write to her, I would like to get to know you first. This may seem like a bother, but it is to protect her, knowing that there are a lot of strange and dangerous people on the internet. Unfornatly, I have met a couple of those people. But, I am glad my e-mail is web-based, so I didn't have to worry about them trying to harm my computer, because it didn't work. Abe

By the way, Sarah is 16, but you would never know, if you knew her. She acts way more mature than her age!

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