Welcome to the car rental. You will be allowed to rent a Ford Ranger truck for one day, for no charge. However, before we allow you to rent it, you must read a few rules about it.

1. No speeding. Please obey the speed limit signs. As shown in the sign, you must reduce, and keep your speed at 35 miles per hour.

2. If you cannot read this line, you cannot rent a car. The age limit is 8 years old. Unlike other cities, we believe that children do have enough responsibility to drive a truck, as long as it's not a real one!! These trucks can be requested so that it is small enough for a child to see over the dashboard. Also, if there is a parent and child visiting Internet City at the same time, the child gets to choose whether or not they want to drive. If they want to drive, and the parent throws a fit, special permission is given to the child to tie up the parent, and throw them in the back of the truck.

3. No profanity!! This is a child friendly city.

4. No racism. Do not cut down any other race, or religion. No putting down people for their ages, either. (parents vs. children)

5. Follow ALL traffic laws! If you see a , it means you cannot turn right. You must turn left at that intersection. If you see a , it means traffic on that road is all traveling one way, and you must go the way of the traffic.

6. If you are caught passing a , you will lose the priveledge of driving!!

7. This one is for those adults who think they can drive better then kids. STAY OFF THE GRASS!! You must drive in the road.

8. You must have a sense of humor, or risk a $500 fine, payable to your child, or the child closest to you.

9. You MUST break for . If you are caught breaking this rule, you will be subject to a $5000 fine, and 75 hours of community service.

10. The children are in charge in this city. That's why there are no problems in this city. Any child abuse reported in this city, the results..you don't want to know!!

11. The final, and most important rule is: Have fun and enjoy your stay in Internet City!


To take the driving tour, at the bottom of each page, there will be a red truck. In order to get to each page, you must click on the truck. To get started, click on the road below.