What exactly is a friend, from a non-religious stand point? Is it just someone to talk to? Is it someone to share a secret with? Maybe it's someone to have an experience. Sometimes we may ask ourselves, who is a true friend? Who helps us out, and listens to us? Who's willing to be there, even in the darkest moments of our lives, no matter what it is? Who is there to comfort and support us when we are down?


Friends are people that are like you, They don’t ignore you when you’re apart, Friends would always be there for you, Even when the world’s against you.

Friends would never leave you standing alone, At no place, at anytime whatsoever. They would help you in times of need, No matter what the need is. If you got hurt, they would worry, And not say that you are clumsy and stupid.

True friends would help you when you’re having a bad day, They wouldn’t even think about making jokes. Friends would hope that you want, And that you may never change.

There is a song, by Michael W Smith, Friends.

Packing up the dreams, God's planted, in the fertile soil, of you. Can't believe the hope, God's granted, means a chapter in your life, is through. But we'll keep you close, as always. It won't even seem, you're gone. Cause our hearts, in big and small ways, will help the love that keeps, us strong.

And friends are friends forever, if the Lords the Lord of them, and a friend will not say never, cause the welcome will not end. Oh its hard to let you go, in the fathers hand's we know, cause a lifetimes not too long, to live as friends.

Not only does this song have to do with a close friend of theirs moving away, in a sense, it has an effect in every friendship. Friends can be forever, with the help of God. If they both trust God, he will protect that friendship as long as they both are willing to be friends with each other.

That song, and that poem both can mean as much, or as little as one takes it in. It can mean something special, or you could always have an "who cares" attitude about it.

I am your friend, and I am glad you are mine. We have been good friends for over a year. We e-mail each other, and we "try" to help each other out as much as possible. Even though you've helped me out WAY more times then I've helped you.

I'm glad that we're friends, and yes, things do happens sometimes in life that we don't expect. This is what puts a friendship through tests. We've already experienced a few tests, and the outcome for a while was hard. But we stuck together through it, and at tiems, it makes me think that we are even better friends. Even recently, with me starting to e-mail those two girls from my work, I started typing really long e-mails to them, and I wasn't getting anything from you, so I ended not writing to you in two weeks. I knew something was happening, at the time, i did not know it was a test. I had a choice. I could either keep talking to them tons, and forget about you, or push them away, because they were replacing you.

I was not about to allow ANYONE to replace you. During those two weeks, I was very miserable because we weren't talking very much at all. I look forward to all the times that we have to talk. Everything that you send me, I save. Back in September, when we went through that test, which, I think was the hardest one of all, I turned your pictures around so I didn't have to see them, but I still kept them with me at all times.

I do think about you a lot, and I am so thankful that we are friends. I may not stencil your name, or do any fancy, but you never asked me. There is something unusual about our friendship, even from day one. That day that I seen that 11 year old girl getting picked on by those mean ppl in #ths, I didn't think 9 months down the road, that 11 year old would be one of the best friends that I ever had. I sent her a message, because i knew she was upset, because they were so mean to her. I didn't want her to feel discouraged, so I gave her a special task, that no one else got. This task made her special, and she still is. She's special to everyone, in a different way. For her parents, she is special because she is her mom's "right hand." For others, I don't know, but she is. For me, she is special, just for being herself.

There are times that I see myself in that girl. Her mom calls her her right hand, which is how my mom has always thought of me. I know this girl can be trusted completely, and I have trusted her with things in my life that no one else on this earth knows. I don't have to lay in bed at night, worrying whether or not she is going to turn around and tell everyone what I had said.

This friend, is Anna Twito, one of the best friends that I have ever had. I know that she is a true friend, she is not one of these fly by night friends. I know that when she asks what's up, she really means it. I know that when she smiles and says "hey!!", that she really means it. I may have never met her in person, but to me, I already have. She is as real as any person that I may see everyday. I may not get to talk to her a whole bunch, but we do exchange letters. I just know. And that, is a true friendship.