Welcome to Internet City. We hope you enjoy your stay. We have tried to include as many places as possible, but there is always room for more, so be sure to come back often.
You will find that our city, unlike other cities, is quite safe. You won't find any crime in it. To view the city laws, click here. No graffiti will be found anywhere, except on a special wall, which serves as our guestbook.

To view a list of areas of city under construction, please click here.
There are three different ways of viewing the city. The first is by bus. Please click on the bus to view the city by bus. It's also the tour of the city. More instructions will be included at the bus station.

The second option is to do a city tour is to rent a truck. Your choice is a Ford Ranger, or a automobile that doesn't exsist. Please click on the truck if you would like to go this way. More intructions will be included at the car rental agency.

The third way to view the city is by airplane. Please click here to go by plane.
As you explore the city, you will notice that some graphics are not able to be viewed. This was a problem that came about when these pages were redone. They are currently under construction. Also, on the pen pal page, we are fully aware that a couple of the listing pages do not work. We are also working to try and figure out why they do not work. Thank you for your patience.